get your story straight

clarity + direction rolled into one sweet intensive

"I don't know how to talk about what I do..."

"How do I stand out online?"

"Will anyone actually buy this?"

Many time, especially when we DIY the deep foundational work, we lose ourselves in a rabbit-hole of self doubt. We miss the very obvious signs that highlight where our brilliance resides.

So I’m here to break that pattern and get you to a place of clarity.

Together, we can redefine your brand’s vision, values, audience, and the meaningful ways you want to show up for your people. 


Clearly Defined.

You don’t have to change your entire business; just how you talk about it. Together in a 2 hour 1:1 session, we’ll “Get Your Story Straight” with my signature V.O.I.C.E. framework and define these 4 areas:

Vision + Values

Who you are, what you do and WHY your business is here.

Impact Narrative.

Properly communicate your value and vision. *hint hint*

Offer Positioning.

How you help your clients achieve solved their problems.

Customer Connections.

Your audience; the people you want to serve.

Your Intensive Includes:

Brand Strategy Session

A 2-3 hour virtual workshop where we will define your vision, values, and audience, and how to implement these changes in your marketing.

Lil' Brand Blueprint

Your brand guide that will layout all the layers of your brand covered in the strategy session.

14 Days of Email Support

For additional support, you can reach me by email to ask any question about what we discussed during your session.

Need visuals to go along with your brand strategy? Check out “The Remix” package.

Gabby is brilliant at her craft. I have heard over and over again how I should be writing my copy but something wasn’t clicking, I kept hitting a wall and wasn’t able to put words to how I can really transform my clients. Gabby helped walk me through the process and as well I received a website audit. THIS IS GOLD! She didn’t try to change my style but she pointed out where I can be more clear, move things around and really pinpoint how I help transform my clients. If you have trouble getting across how amazing you and your business is then YOU NEED GABBY! This has shifted the way I think about helping my clients and show up like a boss!
Carina Groombridge
Mindset Coach

more deets about 

Your Transformation

Old You: " I Can't Make You Love Me"

  • Unclear message
  • Wasted resources (time and money)
  • Zero confidence in sharing your value 
  • Inconsistent brand strategy
  • A different muddled message every 5 seconds
  • Avoiding Thanksgiving dinner to escape embarrassment

New You : "24K Magic"

  • “Mic Drop” Confidence
  • Increase in conversions
  • Seen as a trusted business within your industry
  • Simplified marketing strategy
  • Clear brand platform
I had no clue how to do a sales page and now looking back, my page was a hot mess. Gabby helped me understand how I should layout my message and after the changes we made, I felt confident enough to share my sales page online and immediately booked a consultation for my program. Don't hesitate to hire Gabby, she knows her stuff.
Essence Turner
Spiritual Life Coach

What's in the Lil' BLUEPRINT?

Some sections can include: