get your story straight

Clarity + direction rolled into one sweet VIP day

"I don't know how to talk about what I do..."

"How do I stand out online?"

"Will anyone actually pay for this?"

Many time, especially when we DIY the deep foundational work, we lose ourselves in a rabbit-hole of self doubt. We miss the very obvious signs that highlight where our zone of genius lies.

So I’m here to break that pattern and get you to a place of clarity.

Together, we can redefine your brand’s vision and values, ideal client, and the meaningful ways you want to show up for your audience. Plus, we’ll package all those ideas you have into offers that your audience actually wants.

Watch yourself go from...

Going round 'n round on a hamster wheel

Running the same ideas over and over again in your head, only to never move forward.

Wasting time figuring it out alone

Talking yourself out of every possible action step, questioning if you're on the right path.

Not knowing how to talk about what you do

No consistency across any of your platforms, both online or in person (yikes)

Finally having a clear direction

Knowing exactly who you are, who you serve, and how you show up for them, authentically.

Being fully supported

Working out your thoughts and ideas with a partner who cares about your success

Confidently sharing you and your expertise

Ready to own the brilliance of your gifts and HAPPILY making an impact with your audience

Gabby makes things easy to understand. When I have trouble articulating my ideas she easily put them into words.
Essence Turner
Spiritual Life Coach

the drumline: bringing your brand's soul back to life

Your VIP Day Includes:

1:1 Brand Strategy Session

A 3-hour virtual workshop where we will define your vision and values, ideal client, and where to update your brand and website to position you for success.

Lil' Brand Blueprint

Your brand bible that will layout all the layers of your brand covered in the strategy session.

Website Audit

A video recording where I walkthrough your website, giving you tips to improve if you're not ready for a full rebrand.

Recording of the Call

Easily reference the call recording so you don't have to worry about taking notes during your session. You can fully present without the risk of missing a thing.

Color Story for Art Direction

When you're ready to invest in your visuals, this will help you stay consistent with the overall look and tone of your brand, bringing out all the feels.

14 Days of Email Support

For ultimate accountability and support, you can reach me by email to ask any question about what we discussed during your session.

Investment: $1500

Need visuals to go along with your brand strategy? Check out “The Remix” package.

What's in the Lil' BLUEPRINT?

Some sections can include:

  • BRAND VISION - your legacy
  • BRAND VALUES- how you behave
  • VOICE + TONE - how you talk

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