the remix

Get your story straight, with a twist

You've been singing covers... Now it's time for an original.

It’s time to breathe life into your brand. With the first step as brand strategy, we’ll uncover the essence of who you really are and how you want your brand to make people feel; the specific motivators that fuel your passion. Together, we’ll bring your story front and center so it can be seen, heard and felt by those who need it most.

"It was more than just putting a website together. It was about making sure it best represented me and where my business is currently at, while making room for where it was going."
Brittany King-Pleas
Founder of @womenofsocal

My Signature Process

This experience starts with a 1:1 brand strategy workshop where we define who you are, who you serve, and how to position your offer.
Once the foundation has been set, I design the visual identity of your brand that brings your vision to life.
Once all the visuals are approved, I'll wrap everything up and deliver your final files and your Brand Guidelines so you know exactly how to use your new branding.

You Walk Away With

Brand Strategy

brand identity design

4 weeks

Gain Clarity. Elevate Your brand.